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Walleye Fishing:

Lake Onaping has excellent Walleye fishing and holds an annual Walleye derby. Last year's derby produced 19 Walleyes over 11 pounds.

Lake Onaping is 48 miles long with over 2200 miles of shoreline. It's a typical Canadian Shield lake with lots of weedy bays, shoals, islands and rocky points. It's the perfect habitat to not only sustain good populations of Walleyes but also produce big Walleyes.

Walleyes average around 2 pounds with many big Walleyes in the 3 to 5 pound range being caught. On occasion our guests catch-&-release Walleyes around the 10-pound mark. There are Walleyes in our lake that are much bigger.

In our lake, the Walleye can be found off rocky points, between islands and at the mouths of streams. The most popular baits are jigs with white, black, chartreuse or yellow twister-tails. Some of the bigger trophy Walleyes can be taken in the evening or at night by trolling along the shoreline with a floating Rapala or Thunderstick. The hot colors are Fire Tiger, blue, silver and red. Later in the summer they hit the golden brown colors. Their favourite bait is leeches and will also hit minnows or worms.

Lake Onaping is in the Ontario Walleye Stocking Program. Between 2003 and 2005, the MNR stocked 43,640 Walleyes into the lake.