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Lake Trout Fishing:

Lake Onaping has good Lake Tout fishing. There are many deep areas in the lake that maintain cold water thus the trout flourish even in the summer when the surface water gets warm. In the spring the Lake Trout are caught by fisherpersons in shallow water while fishing for other species or just by trolling near drop-offs or rocky points. As the water warms up, they go deeper.

If you want Lake Trout fishing to be one of the main focuses of your vacation, then we suggest you consider accommodations at the main lodge. The outpost camps are all in the north end of the lake and quite far from the Lake Trout area, which is the large wide open areas in the south half of the lake.

Lake Trout can be found in the deepest parts of the lake during the summer but in actual fact, trout that deep are not feeding. When the trout feed, they come into the thermal layer, which is usually around 50 feet deep in mid summer. If you have a smaller slow-trolling boat and don't have downriggers, you can fish deep for Lake Trout with our light tackle Lake Trout tips, which is way more effective than downriggers and a lot more fun. All you need is your Walleye rod and some 2 oz weights.

Lake Trout in Lake Onaping average around 2 pounds, which is the best eating size. It's a big lake with lots of food being supplied by massive schools of suspended baitfish like whitefish, Cisco and Lake Herring. As a result, there are Lake Trout over 30 pounds in our lake and maybe even a few 40 pounders. Lake Trout over 10 pounds are rarely caught, not because they are not there but because few people fish for them. Generally the main attraction of Lake Onaping is the Walleye, Bass and Pike fishing.

Lake Trout will hit Rapalas, Thundersticks, Blue Fox Spinners and Mepps. The lures of choice among experienced Lake Trout fanatics are Cleos, Williams Wablers, Nasty Boyz, Sutton Silver Spoon, Moose Spoons and Mepps Cyclops. The best colors are blue & silver or green and silver.

Lake Onaping is in the Ontario Lake Trout Stocking Program. Between 2003 and 2005, the MNR stocked 179,000 Lake Trout into the lake.