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Smallmouth Bass Fishing:

Not too many people will disagree to the fact that Smallmouth Bass are the hardest fighting fish pound-for-pound. They are legendary for their air-born acrobatics as most times they head straight for the surface as soon as you get them on your line. Smallmouth Bass taste excellent and some people prefer eating bass rather than Walleye. They are also called by several names like Bronzebacks, Brown Bass or Smallies.

Lake Onaping is 48 miles long with over 2200 miles of shoreline. It's a typical Canadian Shield lake with lots of rocky shoals, islands and rocky points. All these rocks produce an endless bounty of Crayfish and minnows, which are the Smallmouth Bass' choice meal. The rocky structure of Lake Onaping also produces excellent spawning beds, which is crucial to keeping a healthy and high population of bass in the lake.

Regulation Change: Smallmouth Bass is open all year now. There is no closed season anymore.

It's hard to say what the average size bass is because you can catch them in every size. There are plenty of bass in the 1 to 3-pound range. 4-pounders are caught frequently and fisherpersons who spend a lot of time hunting bass will run into bass in the 5-pound range. There are 6 and 7-pound bass in the lake but a trophy bass like that is rare, which is why they are considered trophies.

Smallmouth Bass generally hit live bait better such as leaches, worms, crayfish and minnows. There are a few lures that are very hot for Smallmouth such as Blue Rapalas and Blue Thundersticks, Black Mepps Furry (with yellow dots) and chartreuse colored Walleye Divers.