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Northern Pike Fishing:

Lake Onaping has some of the best Northern Pike fishing hotspots in the area and being one of the largest lakes in the region, also produced some of the biggest trophy pike.

Lake Onaping's main body of water is 48 miles long with over 2200 miles of shoreline. It's a typical Canadian Shield lake with lots of weedy bays, shoals, islands and rocky points. It's the perfect habitat for many feeder fish thus lots of food for Northern Pike to grow big and in good numbers.

Northern Pike average around 3 pounds in our lake. Pike in the 4 to 7 pound range are caught frequently. There are big lunkers in the lake. These monster pike get big because they are smart but our guests still catch and release quite a few Northern Pike over 40 inches, with some coming close to 50 inches.

The high population of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass, which is the pike's main diet, is the reason Lake Onaping is such a good fishery.

Many of our guests catch pike with jigs while Walleye fishing but the preferred lures are Red-&-Silver / Yellow-Five-Of-Diamonds DareDevils, Spooks, Swim Whizzes, Jackfish Spoon, Spinner baits and large sucker minnows. When you find a hot Walleye spot, try pulling out some Pike lures because the big ones will be feeding on the Walleyes.